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Welcome To My Studio


An artist dancing with watercolors and voicing life’s wonders with a brush

Welcome To My Studio


An artist dancing with watercolors and voicing life’s wonders with a brush

Life is full of wonders beyond words – I feel blessed to view the world through the eyes of an artist, explore life with the heart of a child and capture these wonders with a brush

One of my ongoing life goals is to always work towards the best version of myself. To live in gratitude and to give back to the world what I can. In the search for a medium to realize these themes, I found myself enchanted by the beauty of watercolor. It captures the vividness, unpredictability and chaos of life and nature so beautifully. My artworks often depict female figures accompanied by botanical backdrops as an expression of the deep connection I feel towards the beauty of nature – holding life in reverence despite its difficulties and hardships.

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About The Artist

One of the biggest gifts for me is to make people smile with my art. If my work is your cup of tea, welcome, please make yourself comfortable, while I tell you a bit about my work and myself.

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I am currently remodelling my blog 🙂 Below you can find a preview of some of my blog posts.

Mountains and 16 daily art excercises

Keeping up a consistent maybe even daily art practice is not easy but fundamental to improve a lot over time. I accumulated 16 daily art excercises to choose from depending on your mood and the time you got…

My Artist`s Way – Week 1 to 3 about vocation, watermelons and words

How do you become a better person? Perhaps by following a path of fulfillment and vocation – (m)a soul path. Figuring out how to find fulfillment on your own is anything but easy…

Short story “Sea of memories”

The sun looked down unyielding at the vastness of burning sand. A lone figure wandered amidst its dunes of sand and stones – stubbornly making her way…

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