What Inspires My Artworks?


The overarching theme of my art is simultaneously my life’s vision – reaching out to become the best version of myself while holding life in reverence, despite its difficulties and hardships. Day to day life can be full of wonders – it’s just a question of perspective. And I now feel blessed enough to view and explore the world through the eyes and with the heart of an artist. This whole journey led me towards a deep connection with nature and life itself.

I’ve come to paint primarily with watercolors as I found myself enchanted by the flowing, unpredictable beauty of the medium. For me, watercolor captures the vividness and chaos of nature and life itself so very uniquely. In my brush stroke dance with watercolors emerge paintings of female figures and nature from inherent feelings of gratitude, joy, love and sometimes bittersweet pensiveness. I wish for my work to be an inspirational and fulfilling help to others on their journeys through life and art – as it has become for me.

My paintings begin by stumbling over a photograph which draws me in and I’m either eavesdropping for a feeling I’m trying to capture during the process, or I know it right away. In any case it is always a playful adventure.

What Is My Vision?

Despite art being always a huge part of me, I didn’t manage to follow my passion with a professional art education. Instead, I ended up studying human-computer-science, or in other words UI/ UX Design. Thanks to this detour I definitely learnt that coding is not for me. But more importantly, I worked on my personal growth and new wonderful souls entered my life. In hindsight, it feels like I first needed to start the process of finding myself, to then be able to pursue my dreams and art path.

In 2020 I rediscovered my passion for drawing and it quickly filled up all my spare time. The joy it sparked in my heart, plus the realization that I wanted to do it even more led to the revival of my vision of becoming a full-fledged artist and to make a living off my art. In addition, I explored and nourished my inner self through house dance, yoga and mindfulness practices. This gave me the strength needed for a leap of faith into the unknown.

Stepping into 2022 and beyond I am embarking on a journey full of challenges, goals to improve my art and marketing skills and reaching professional goals. I am not sure about how exactly it will play out but I will step forward with curiosity, gratitude, trust and love. And I am very grateful to have you with me <3

My Green Studio

Born 1996 in Hamburg and exploring the world through as many travels as possible, my studio is based in the Venice of the north, Hamburg. I show my work to anyone I can get to look at it. If you’re close by, you’ll surely get some tips on what to see in Hamburg and a visit to my home studio.

Fine Art Prints

Add a spark of warmth and joy to your walls

Prints & Commissions


Each order is printed, packaged and posted by me from my home studio! Much time has gone into researching the highest quality products available in producing my fine art / giclée prints and I hope they can cast a smile on your face!


One thing I love about my ability to paint is its ability to make other people happy. Therefore if you have an idea and are looking for an artist to realize it, feel free to reach out to me via my email marylou.ploss@gmail.com. I’d love to give it my best, if everything fits for us.

Kind Words From Beautiful Souls

An incredibly beautiful picture that, after successful installation on my room wall, brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thanks for this great picture, I bought it myself for my birthday.

“Ein wahnsinnig schönes Bild, dass mir nach erfolgreicher Anbringung an meiner Zimmerwand Tränen vor Freude in die Augen trieb. Danke für dieses tolle Bild, ich hab es mir selbst zum Geburtstag gekauft.”

Hedi on Dec 16, 2021

OMG, I ordered the eucalyptus picture in A3 and it looks so great! I absolutely love the quality of the paper and print! The picture fits perfectly on my white wall, which no longer looks so boring. ? Amazing service and super fast delivery. ?

“OMG, ich hab das Eukalyptus Bild in A3 bestellt und es sieht soooo toll aus! Ich bin absolut begeistert von der Qualität des Papiers und Des Drucks! Das Bild passt perfekt an meine weiße Wand, die jetzt nicht mehr so langweilig aussieht. ? Traumhafter Service und super schnelle Lieferung. ?”

Diana on Oct 4, 2021

I love this picture! It’s really incredibly beautiful. The print looks very high quality, the colors shine great and the shipping was very fast. (:

“Ich liebe dieses Bild! Es ist wirklich unglaublich schön. Der Druck sieht sehr hochwertig aus, die Farben leuchten toll und der Versand ging sehr schnell. (:”

Leonie on Dec 14, 2021

My favorite time is and remains autumn for years, which is why this picture had to be on my wall. The joy and mood conveyed to me by the pictures is simply indescribable.

“Meine Lieblingszeit ist und bleibt seit Jahren der Herbst, weswegen dieses Bild unbedingt an meine Wand musste. Die Freude und Stimmung, die mir durch die Bilder vermittelt werden ist einfach unbeschreiblich.”

Hedi on Dec 16, 2021

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