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A cute little winter poem illustration

“Wie Füchse hausen” / How foxes like to live written by @wahrwolf, illustrated by MLPlossArt. It’s written in german. Let me know below in the comments, if you’d like an english translation 🙂 Wenn zwei Füchse nun(Angenommen sie kennten sich schon)In einem großen Wald(Angenommen sie sprächen auch)Sich treffen und grüßten Dann könnte man vermutlich(Angenommen man …

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Short Story “Sea of Memories”

A touching tale about a transformation and gratefulness The sun looked down unyielding at the vastness of burning sand. A lone figure wandered amidst its dunes of sand and stones – stubbornly making her way. If not for some spare springs of water she would have perished already in this scorching heat. She shielded her …

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