Illustrations, art & portraits for your ideas

In addition to fine art, I am also very happy to realize the ideas of others – whether it is illustrations for a video project, poems, posters, products or (audio)books. Furthermore, I also offer to create portraits and animal watercolor works from reference photos upon request. Within a project, I value direct communication, feedback loops, joy from the process and a fantastic end result, that everyone is happy with. If you are interested, feel free to contact me directly via e-mail (marylou.ploss(a) I look forward to hearing from you! Below, you can see some examples of various projects and mock-ups.

Projects and companies I’ve worked for


Textbased: Poems and book illustrations

I’m happy to create illustrations to match your texts – e.g., as covers for (audio)books, picture book illustrations or a poem. I would love to do projects for children. However, I am also open to all other creative projects.

Posters, stickers & other products

Illustrations unrelated to literary works are also an option – posters for an event or your wall at home, sticker packs, pins, postcards or product packaging. Basically, imagination is the only limit

You are interested and want to see more of my illustrations? Feel free and check out my portfolio


Figurative Art

If you have a specific idea in mind for a figurative artwork, I will try my best to turn it into reality for you – fan art is also an option


If you would like an artistic iteration of your vacation photo or a specific landscape, I can bring it to live in watercolor and directly on your wall.

You want to explore my previous artworks? Then feel free to check out my portfolio!


The human figure and animals

Based on a reference photograph I’d love to turn you or your special ones into a portrait artwork. Or if you prefer a special artwork of your fur companion, that is also an option.

Portraits can be found within the Fine Art section. Want to see more animals? You probably know the way by now 😊

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