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Workshops, markets, conventions and exhibitions – It is a very special feeling to get in touch with people and through my art. Here you can find a small overview, about all kinds of events. I would be very happy to welcome you somewhere!


2022 I was given the great opportunity in the “Offenes Atelier” in Bergedorf to give watercolor workshops. Once a month I offer a workshop in which I impart basic knowledge and guide the creation of a watercolor landscape painting. It is especially important to me that everyone has fun, learns about the wonderful properties of watercolor, and is happy with their end result.

If you are interested in a workshop, please contact me by email (marylou.ploss(a) I look forward to hearing from you as well, if you’re looking for a pruivate event or a class teacher at your avenue.

The workshops are being held mainly in German. But if you speak english, I will make sure that you will be able to follow along just as good as the others!


12-17.12.2022 | Midisage Wednesday 14.12 16-20Uhr | Offenes Atelier Bergedorf, Weidenbaumsweg 21, 21029 Hamburg

Markets and Conventions

April & Mai 2023

30.04./01.05.2023 Festlandmarkt in der Rindermarkthalle
11.06.2023 Viertel-Meile-Design Markt

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