Welcome creative souls to the art blog of watercolor and improvement!

This image started it all. I suddenly had the confidence that I am able to create pieces people would love to hang on their walls.

Hi fellow creative soul, glad you’re here. I’m Mary-Lou, a watercolor artist from Hamburg, Germany and incredibly excited that you are here with me at the beginning of my blogging and art business journey. I hope you can sense my smile right now. With this first blog post I’d love to introduce myself and give you a heads up of my future blog content about art and improvements in case you’re deciding to stick around.

While thinking about what I want to share with the world on a blog, my boyfriend, who’s helping me set up everything, quoted that the people who don’t have anything to say should keep quiet. This made me think about what would be worth writing and reading about. So I tried analyzing myself for valuable content I could produce. 

Besides being able to paint and draw, people who know me would tell you that one of my personal strengths are empathy and the ability to support others. Having a lot of psychology classes during my bachelor studies might have enhanced that. Additionally my personal interests are mindfulness, achieving a sense of self-achievement and how to be happy. Furthermore I follow through with the goals I set my mind on. 

At the same time I run into all the hardships that probably every creative person encounters such as self doubts, the need to improve and so on. These reflections made me decide to share my art journey while supporting my readers to keep on going, improve and becoming more fulfilled artists. 

Who exactly is trying to tell you stuff about art and life in case you want to know.

During my 24 years I’ve been an artist trying out different art mediums, a chocolate expert and tour guide, a big sister, a volunteer social worker, a coach for young people doing a volunteer social work year,  studying human-computer-interaction, a ui ux designer, a travelling nature lover, a gamer, a game design master student and a house dancer. 

Apart from that I have two cats and I absolutely love to lose myself in awesome books. Obviously I also love to draw and paint. During my artistic journey I experimented with pencil drawings, acrylic paints, markers and other mediums. The medium I fell in love with is watercolor though and that’s what my shop corner is full of. I’ll definitely talk more about the intricacy of watercolor art in future posts.

And with this, I want to officially welcome you to my art world. Again, I’m so happy to see you here! Feel free to say hi in the comments or let me know if there’s a preferred topic for my next posts. 

Note: If you want to know how your inner garden can help you to let go and start something new, check out my follow up blog post!

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